Virtual  Engine Cycles
Olof Erlandsson


”Virtual Engine Cycles” is small animations that I have made myself. It has resulted in some interactive animations of internal combustion engines.
(More animations are available. Contact me if you are interested.)


Below you can download Windows/Mac* projectors (executables) and SWF in zip files.

*) Note: Mac .hqx files are not validated.

Animation of the 4-stroke Spark Ignited (SI) engine:

4-stroke SI engine (zip)

The ideal 4-stroke cycle, compared with "realistic" cycle, the user has a lot of parameters to vary:

The ideal 4-stroke cycle

Illustration of the pressure trace during HCCI combustion: The user sets fuel/air ratio, inlet pressure ("boost"), inlet temperature, compression ratio, and engine speed. The combustion, and hence the pressure trace, is affected. The pressure trace is presented in a "live" fusion, almost like in real experiments. Auto control to set combustion timing can be tuned on:

Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI)

Illustration of Spark ignited-, Diesel- and HCCI combustion:

SI - Diesel - HCCI

The Mietz & Weiss hot-bulb engine - with start-up procedure!

  1. The user has to start the burner (by clicking close to the bulb at "C").
  2. Turn the flywheel so the piston is in the bottom dead center position.
  3. Wait until the bulb is warm enough.
  4. Get it running by rapidly turn the flywheel backwards to start the engine.
  5. The burner may then be turned off.
  6. The engine can be stopped by pushing and holding the lever on the fuel pump until it stops.

The Mietz & Weiss hot bulb engine

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